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FAQ for the self-service functions of the SCC

What functions does this portal include?


At KIT, different portals with self-service functions for different user groups are provided, thematically separated. This portal provides functions of the SCC, for example, activation of the KIT account, password changes, forwarding, etc.

Then I'm in the wrong place. Where do I find... ?

Self-service functions for the study (re-registration, exam registration, ...) can be found at

Lecture accompanying functions can usually be found in the central ILIAS at

When I register, I end up on a completely different page?

This portal is connected to the central Single Sign-On system (SSO) based on Shibboleth. You are therefore first redirected to the logon page of the SSO and from there (after logon) back to this portal.

This makes it possible to switch between the different portals without a new login.

I am here for the first time and cannot log on!

A new account is limited in its functionality and can only be used after activation. You can find this function in the menu or under Activation.

You change the password and accept the terms of use. Afterwards the login via Shibboleth is possible.

A colleague/colleague sees other functions?

We strive to display only the relevant functions for each account. For example, pseudonymization is possible for students, but not for employees.


If you have questions relating technical issues to this page, please contact the Service Desk of SCC.

For the other portals, refer to the contact persons given there.